Shipping your vehicle to another city can be very difficult to coordinate. Some people don’t like to hand it over to another company so they sell it and use the proceeds to buy the car in another city they are shifting to. However, not everyone can do this and some have to ship it. Here are few steps you need to follow in order to ship your vehicle.

Know the Options Offered

The services offered by the company differ from country to country. In US where shipping companies are extremely competitive, they offer door to door service. This is where awesome car transporters would come to your house collect it and drop it off to your home address of the new city. Whereas in other cases they would drop it off to a common location and you shall have to come and pick it. So know what kind of options you have, and when it comes to shipping don’t try to cut down on the cost because if you choose a wrong company it can be costly in the long run.

Choose the Carrier Based On Your Vehicle Type

Car companies have different vehicles for different sizes. Most of the car transport Brisbane to Sydney companies let their customers choose the type of carrier they want, and if they don’t you should request them to do so. This is to ensure that your car will not be damaged, and just to be on the safe side choose a bigger carrier to minimize damages such as scratches. Also make sure it is fully closed because open carriers are quite risky for the car.

Ask Questions to the Company

As a customer it is your right to ask questions from the company. So when your shipping company gives an estimate of the cost ask them on what basis they charge. It could be due to the vehicle type for example if your vehicle is on the expensive side, if it is high end like Audi or BMW then it will need special attention and coverage. Also it could be based on the location and the kind of service you want, door to door service where they pick it up from your doorstep and drop it off as well can be slightly expensive compared to other services.Lastly you should take a note of the damages your car already has and make sure that the company does a thorough inspection so they don’t get away when they cause any damage. You should provide the company with the insurance coverage and if you feel that it doesn’t cover enough then you can pay an additional fee to the shipping company do it for you.